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"Digital Dictation System" & Transcription Business Solution for the Virtual Secretary

At Last... An Amazing New Digital Transcription System that will spawn new clients for You, and ...

Locks onto them for Life, Giving You a Constant Stream of Income

Now you can have your very own turn key digital transcription solution, specifically designed for those who want to set up or operate a home based or remote transcription business. Allowing you to work from home or from a remote location with total ease.


Announcing the Quikscribe Virtual Secretary Business Pack.

Digital Transcrition Recorder


Quikscribe, Giving you the only digital transcription software system that has built in audio intelligence and offers you a business solution to profit by.


From the Desk of Stephen Brehaut
Principal of Peak Performance Technology
PO Box 1273, Coffs Harbour
Australia, NSW, 2450

Dear Virtual Secretary,
Would you like to know how you can,

  • Instantly generate a guaranteed stream of income from all your existing clients working from home as a virtual secretary.

  • Lock them into a proprietary system so they can only have their transcription typed by you and only you.

  • Populate new clients at warp speed, simply and easily

  • Add tremendous value to clients and increase the quality and speed of service that you provide.

  • Have a constant stream of work flowing to you automatically and manage it in your own time.

  • Eliminate all postage costs involved with tape based transcription.

  • Be positioned to take advantage of increased demands for digital transcription as it becomes the industry standard.

Well now you can. You will be able to do this, and much more. But before we go further, lets look at the problems inherent in analogue transcription, and why you must consider a digital based transcription system.

The Costly Truth about Tape based Transcription and What you as a Virtual Secretary can do to Profit from it.

Here is a list of know problems in the industry of transcription and dictation. It is by no means exhaustive and I'm sure that if you are involved working with tape based dictation equipment you could probably ad many more.

  • With tape based dictation equipment, tapes will often become lost or misplaced. Resulting in wasted time and productivity.
  • Tapes wear out and can become chewed resulting in wasted time additional costs and massive frustration.
  • Tapes are normally recorded with multiple jobs on them. Which means you receive multiple jobs all at once. This is like having a feast one minute and a famine the next.
  • With tape, it is only possible to record using Overwrite mode. Which means if you need to add additional audio to a file, you need to append the additional audio.
  • Tapes are physical, which means a tape recorded in Sydney Australia can't be transcribed in London England within the same hour.
  • Measuring your performance is not easy. Tapes are analogue, making the audio duration and typists transcription time difficult to measure, monitor, manage and compare.
  • The audio on a tape can be slowed down, but the audio pitch (frequency) is also slowed down, making comprehension more difficult.
  • Audio tape duration is normally limited to 30 to 60 minutes. And if you want to rewind or fast forward to a specific point it wastes time.
  • And it's not possible for multiple typists to load and share the workload of a large audio file
  • If you run a typing pool, knowing the total audio backlog within an office at any given point in time is not possible, let alone providing an Estimated Completion Time for tapes in progress.

    Now, have you ever stopped to think about the dollar cost that these problems represent, let alone the price emotionally.

So now for the solution..

11 Powerful Benefits of Digital Transcription Software

1. When a digital audio file is sent for transcription a copy can be sent and a copy kept for any set period of time (for redundancy purposes). In fact you can make as many copies of audio files that you like.

2. Digital audio files are virtual, they do not contain any actual moving parts and can not be chewed.

3. The moment a digital audio file has been dictated, it can be immediately sent to you and only you. Allows you to receive work on a more regular and consistent basis.

4. With digital, it is possible to insert audio mid-file, which means if your clients need to add an extra paragraph, they can.

5. Digital audio files are not geographically constrained. A digital file recorded on one side of the world and can be instantly transcribed on the other side. This means, you are no longer limited geographically and can source work world wide if you should choose to.

6. A digital audio file can be encrypted giving complete security of sensitive information.

7. Digital audio files can be measured down to a fraction of a second, measuring who did what and when. Providing evidence to backup individual performance levels.

8. With digital audio files, it is possible to slow down the audio without varying the pitch.

9. With digital audio files, audio duration is only limited by your hard disk space. For example, on a 20G hard drive is possible to record 3,448 hours of audio.

10. With digital transcription, it is possible for multiple typists to transcribe a large audio file giving fast turn around if needed

11. With digital transcription, it's possible to calculate in real-time the current audio backlog plus provide Estimated Completion Times for files being transcribed. Great for management.

As you have read, Digital Dictation and Transcription offers so many advantages over analogue (tape) based transcription and this is why it is fast becoming the new way for large and small businesses to operate.

In reading this letter you are obviously actively seeking a new way of operating. You may even be thinking, that to set yourself up with a sophisticated system, one that has all the capabilities of this new technology will be far to expensive.

And normally you would be right, but with the new Quikscribe Virtual Secretary Business Package, all of this has changed.


Quikscribe, Giving you the only digital transcription software system that has in built audio intelligence and offers you a business solution to profit by.

The Quikscribe Digital Transcription Software System offers all the above benefits and most importantly gives you state of the art technology with its inbuilt Intelligent Audio File. It is the only digital transcription system in the world today with its powerful IAF capabilities.

So what is the Intelligent Audio File ( IAF ) and how can it benefit You? The IAF format enables you to insert an unlimited number of picture files, html text, and word documents all into an audio file making it truly revolutionary.

Graphic illustration of the Quikscribe Technology

Quikscribe is fast becoming the number one medical transcription software because of its IAF ability. And as a virtual secretary, you will easily be able to work at home and manage any type of transcription work with its powerful digital transcription features listed below.


22 Power Packed Unique Benefits that the Quikscribe System delivers to You... All translating into increased productivity
and Cash flow.

1) Nondestructive audio editing capabilities
If you ever make a mistake when recording (which we all do), you can now instantly remove your mistake by pressing Undo rather than rewinding. This is because rather than record and edit a linear digital audio file like all other digital dictation products, we use a nondestructive recording methodology.

Rather than use the actual file position to determine current position within the file we use file pointers. As a result if you accidentally record over a section you can instantly recover your original audio by pressing Undo, since the original audio was never overwritten in the first place. Then when the file is sent for transcription, the file is compacted and all audio edits that are no longer referenced are removed.

2) Ability to insert text within your dictation file
This significantly reduces total dictation time and transcription time, as it is now possible to cut and paste existing precedents or reference material directly into your audio file when recording.

3) Ability to insert screen shots or images into your dictation file.
Creating technical documentation or training content has never been easier. Screen shots or images can be instantly captured and inserted into your audio file.

4) Ability to insert files or documents
Everything that is needed for a typist to complete a task can now be contained within a single audio file e.g. if a contract needs amendments, the contract along with the dictation instructions can be saved within the audio file.

5) Ability to add location markers within your audio file
Never again will you need to rewind or fast forward, looking for a particular section. Instead you can insert a location marker, which you can then instantly access using global hot-keys.

6) Ability to add comments to uncompleted work
If a file has not been completed, you can add a 'Comment' detailing what has been done so far and any other instructions for the next typist. When the file is opened up again, it will automatically open up at the last location within the file and display the comment that was left by the last typist, the name of the last typist and the date and time the file was last opened and closed plus a history of any other previous comments.

7) Ability to link files or documents to transcription files
When transcribing a document, it is possible to link the current audio file to the current document being produced. That way if the audio file is closed and then opened up again, the audio file will open at the last position and the associated document will be opened.

8) Ability to automatically split large files in multiple smaller files when sending via e-mail
Geographical location between authors and typists is no longer relevant. Nor is the file duration or file size, as Quikscribe can automatically split the file into multiple smaller files and include an audio overlap, so no information is lost. Which means lawyers can work at the office or from home and simply e-mail files to their typist to be transcribed. Conversely, typists can work from remote locations, thus reducing office space or from home, which is great for staff members who need to take maternity leave or mums during school holidays.

9) File management made easy
Each audio file keeps track of its own history, whereby it stores metadata like Author's Details, Subject, Matter Number, Duration, Recording Time, Priority, Typist Details, Transcription Time etc. all within the file. This metadata can then be managed or interrogated by 3rd party applications using the Quikscribe IAF SDK (Software Development Kit).

10) SMART audio normalisation
If audio is recorded at a low level, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to accurately transcribe the audio. However the Quikscribe Player is able to enhance (amplify) the audio file by using SMART audio normalisation, whereby it scans the audio file and calculates the 'Average' value within the file and then amplifies the audio file to maximise the amplitude.

Note: To avoid situations when the audio file may have long periods with no dictation, thus causing the overall average to be reduced, which will then result in over amplification (clipping) to occur, we made the normalisation process SMART by automatically disregarding any section of audio greater than 0.5 seconds in duration which does not have an audio level greater than 4% of peak.

11) Ability to load share large audio files
If a large audio file is required to be transcribed in minimal time, it is possible for multiple typists to transcribe the same audio file, each transcribing different parts of the same file.

12) Automatic file notification and priority
Whenever new audio files arrive for transcription, the typist is automatically notified.

Green flashing speaker indicates one or more files are waiting for transcription.
Purple flashing speaker indicates that one or more Overdue files are waiting.
Red flashing speaker indicates that one or more Urgent files are waiting.

13) Voice activated recording mode with NO CLIPPING
With Voice Activation enabled, the Quikscribe Recorder can automatically record audio when you speak and stop recording when you stop speaking. Yet regardless of how quickly or intermittently you speak, Quikscribe will not miss a single syllable.

The reason is, whenever Quikscribe it is not recording to disk drive, it is recording to a small buffer (250 milliseconds) in memory. Which means as soon as audio level exceeds a preset trigger level it saves the contents of the buffer along with the incoming audio stream to the disk drive.

If the audio level drops below the preset level, it stops recording to the disk drive and starts recording to the buffer in memory again.

14) Pre-emptive Recording Mode
Pre-emptive Recording Mode allows you to automatically capture your audio, even when you are not recording. So how does it work? Well, when the QS Recorder is not recording, it is actually still recording but to a small buffer in memory not to the current audio file. (This buffer can be set between 100 milliseconds to 1 second.) If you start talking and then press the record button, the QS Recorder automatically jumps back in time (so to speak) and grabs the audio from the audio buffer and adds this to the current audio file, as well as capturing the new audio being dictated. Which means if your hand is ever quicker than your mouth, Quikscribe is already one step ahead of you. :-)

15) Ability to dynamically slow the audio file down without pitch change
The closer the typist can match the author's rate of speech the greater the productivity, since the typist does not need to continually stop the audio file with the foot switch to catch up with what has been said. For this reason, we have provided the ability in the Quikscribe Player to slow down the audio file by up to 40% without varying the pitch of the audio file.

16) Billable time is automatically captured
Both the Quikscribe Recorder and the Quikscribe Player automatically capture and store the billable time for each audio file dictated or transcribed. This information can then be seamlessly accessed or provided to third party accounting or billing packages such as Softlog and Billback.

This information is also used by the Quikscribe Workflow Manager to create detailed historical reports. Note: If an audio file is left opened and no activity occurs within the file for more than a minute, both the Quikscribe Recorder and Quikscribe Player stop recording the billable time until activity recommences. For example, if an audio file is accidentally left open over lunch, incorrect billable time is not saved within the file.

17) Risk Management capabilities for less than 1 cent per hour*
The Quikscribe Recorder has a special recording mode, specifically designed for recording client interviews, meetings or phone conversations. What makes this mode unique is that the audio file can never be modified or tampered with once recorded. Additionally each time you press Record button, the current date and time is automatically inserted into a marker within the file. Conversely each time the interview is stopped, another marker is automatically inserted within the file with the current date and time. Note: These markers can never be changed. When being transcribed by a typist, this date time information is automatically passed to the typist's word processor via the Windows clipboard.

*From a disk storage space perspective, a kHz, 16 Bit Mono compressed IAF (Intelligent Audio File) uses 97Kbytes per minute, which is just less than 1Meg for every ten (10) minutes of audio recorded. Put another way, on a single CD-ROM which costs less than 50 cents you can store over 100 hours of audio, which means for less than .5 cents per hour, you can record and capture every conversation between yourself and a client. Needless to say, total 'Risk Management' does not get any cheaper!

18) Able to make C.B.T. (Computer Based Training) content in real-time
The Quikscribe Recorder is able to create professional C.B.T. (Computer Based Training) content behind any Windows application in real-time, which can then be used to save you thousands of dollars each year in ongoing staff training. This content can then be viewed using the Quikscribe Viewer.

19) Able to review documents electronically and mark changes without printing
Traditionally when an author reviews a document, they print it out and "red pen" their changes, while dictating new instructions. However with Quikscribe, an author can now open the document and review it 100% electronically (no more wasted paper). If a word, sentence or paragraph needs changing, the author simply highlights the text with the mouse. This highlighted text is then captured with a screen shot using the Insert button on the Hand Control and the author can dictate the changes required.

As a result, a typist is able to receive a single IAF file, that contains EVERYTHING required for the document to be finished e.g. Highlighted screen shots showing what areas need to be changed and synchronised voice instructions explaining the specific changes that need to be made.

Note: Raw screen shots (BMP's) are very large, it is for this reason that Quikscribe uses PNG compression, which allows the captured screen shots to be compressed up to 70 times smaller, without causing any distortion.

20) Able to open, record, capture and sync any Power Point presentation
The Quikscribe Recorder is able to open a Power Point presentation and then record, capture and sync the presentation seamlessly in the background. If the presentation stops, Quikscribe stops recording and if it recommences, Quikscribe starts recording again. Once the audio for the presentation has been captured, Quikscribe is then able to build the presentation, by inserting all of the slides (screen shots) at the appropriate locations within the audio file. Once this is done, you can compile and distribute the presentation, or if you like, you can export the audio and do post editing on the audio in Sound Forge and then re import the audio back in and add any screen wipes before compiling the file.

21) Ability to seamlessly integrate within 3rd party applications or management systems
The Quikscribe Recorder, the Quikscribe Player and the IAF (Intelligent Audio File) can be seamlessly integrated with 3rd party applications or management systems via application driver app's that come with source code (VB6, .NET) ) and the IAF SDK. As a result, 3rd party developers can programmatically communicate with the Quikscribe Recorder, the Quikscribe Player and our IAF (Intelligent Audio File) to create powerful integrated solutions, with advanced digital dictation and transcription capabilities.

22) Ability to Record or Transcribe up to eight (8) audio channels at once
Quikscribe provides a powerful turnkey solution for users who need to record and transcribe meetings, conferences, tribunal's etc. whereby up to eight (8) microphones can be used to record eight (8) separate audio channels, which can then be played back collectively or separately. The resultant Multi-Channel IAF (Intelligent Audio File) produced can still contain markers, images and attachments, as well as being able to record with real-time compression and with nondestructive editing.


What Virtual Secretaries Are Saying.....

As a virtual assistant, digital transcription capability means I can get more work done for more clients - no matter where they are located.

After a lot of research on the Internet, I found the Quikscribe system, and it was by far the best in terms of size, price, and ability to transcribe a number of file formats - an important consideration given that I have audio files coming from diverse sources.

I have been a VA since February 2000, initially working part time, but in the nine months that I have had the Quikscribe system I have been able to increase my business to such a level that not only am I now working full time in my business, but am contemplating hiring subcontractors to assist me with the workload.

None of this would have been possible without digital transcription. The technology makes it easy for clients to send their work to me, without having to rely on overnight post or couriers - which are the only options available with tape transcription. This not only saves costs, but also increases their efficiency and hence productivity.

One of the claims of the VA Industry is that having a VA is just like having someone in the next office. The Quikscribe digital transcription system not only makes this claim a reality, but enables users to take advantage of the other benefits of outsourcing work to a VA including overnight turn around of work, reduced overheads and lower transcription rates offered by VAs across the country.

I cannot fault the Quikscribe team who back up a superb product with excellent after-sales service. Always available and always willing to listen to users' suggestions, this Australian group of innovators are world class.

Lyn Prowse-Bishop,
MVA & Certified EthicsChecked VA
Executive Stress Office Support
PO Box 1036, Oxley Qld 4075
Tel/Fax: 617-3379-8360
Mobile: 0417-648172


During the last twenty years that I have been a legal secretary, I have not yet come across such a revolutionary system for transcription of dictation until I was introduced to Quikscribe.

There are no more lost or misplaced tapes and no need to erase tapes. Workflow management is greatly increased and the audio quality is superior to any system that I have ever worked with before.

Amanda Breakspear
Legal Secretary
Justice of the Peace (Reg No 8706531)
Ph: (02) 9264 6644
Fax: (02) 9264 662

Advanced Personnel Management (APM) provide Injury Prevention and Management Services throughout Western Australia (head office in West Perth with regional offices in Albany, Bunbury, Broome, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie and Rockingham), the Northern Territory, Tasmania and New South Wales.

The Quikscribe Dictating System has allowed APM to offer efficient, consistent administrative support to staff in remote locations and ensure the quality and standard of reports to customers Australia wide is consistent.

APM have been using the Quikscribe Dictating System for approximately four months and the technical support in the setting up of this system from the Quikscribe team has been exceptional.

APM would recommend the Quikscribe Dictating System to any company who regards "efficiency" and "professionalism" as priorities.

Val Sneddon
Administrative Secretary
Advanced Personnel Management
58 Ord Street WEST PERTH, WA 6872
Ph: (08) 9486-1244
Fax: (08) 9486-1344


What Solicitors are saying .....

We have been a long term user of tape based dictation and transcription. After many years of chewed, lost and incompatible tapes, we have recently installed the Quikscribe transcription system, for a complete solution.

Our solicitors and secretaries have been won over to digital dictation ahead of tape systems, for these simple reasons:

1. Clarity of the audio
2. Easy editing
3. Ease of distribution, and management of audio files around our office. (Elimination of physical delivery of tapes)
4. It's easy to use.
5. The level of support is outstanding. (We have had suggested upgrades implemented in less than a week.)

Without doubt , the use of Quikscribe has dramatically increased our productivity. It will also mean that our transition to flexible working arrangements , including staff (part time and contract) and professionals working from home, is facilitated, as all our dictation work can be transmitted electronically.

This is a first class product, at a very reasonable price. In my opinion, every law firm who is serious about enhancing their productivity should install it.

Matthew Coates,
Managing Partner Watkins Tapsell Solicitors
Kirrawee NSW 2232
Ph (02) 9521 6000
Fax (02) 9521 4168


So How Much is this Virtual Business Transcription ...Profit generating System Going to Cost Me?

Perhaps a better way to ask this question is, How much cash can this system generate for me and what will the cost be if I don't take up this offer now?

Think about it. What's really on offer here?

You get...The best digital dictation and transcription software currently available in the market today

You get...The ability to distribute unlimited digital transcription recorders to potential clients, all branded and coded with your very own unique user ID. They can only have their files transcribed with YOUR Quikscribe Player.

You get...Your business promoted every time the Quikscribe recorder is opened by a user with a customised splash screen with your business details.

You get...your e-mail address hard coded into the custom compiled version of the Quikscribe Author, which means as soon as someone installs, records and sends an audio file, it will come straight to you via e-mail, just like a homing pigeon

You get...$650 dollars worth of extra software utilities to streamline your ability to work (see special bonus products).

You get...A complete support system to help you grow your business exponentially.

So put this all together and weight it up, you will find that our introductory price for the Quikscribe Virtual Business Package of $1,995.00. is remarkably cheap, when you consider your purchasing a business that can attract as many clients as you like for no additional cost to YOU or your clients.

Special Bonus Products

As a Virtual Secretary working from home, your task is somewhat harder than a traditional typist that are working in house. You must be able to cater to multiple different audio formats and different client request.

For this reason we have developed a series of unique software utilities to help you and are provided FREE when you purchase the Quikscribe Small Business Package. Below are the details :-)

Complimentary Bonus 1 Valued at $100.00 - The Email Agent

The Quikscribe E-mail Agent is designed to eliminate the need manually open attached IAF (Intelligent Audio File) from MS Outlook as they arrive.

The Quikscribe E-mail Agent runs in the system tray and automatically scans the
e-mail in-box every minute (default interval) searching any unread e-mail's that contain attached IAF (Intelligent Audio Files).

If it finds an e-mail with attached IAF, it automatically copies the IAF to a designated directory and then marks the e-mail as being read. Thus allowing transcription via
e-mail to work the similar to a LAN

The Quikscribe E-mail Agent is also able to scan the incoming IAF (Intelligent Audio Files) to determine the author details and route the file to the appropriate directory or typist. If a file arrives and no Author details are found within the IAF, it is simply moved to the default location.

Complimentary Bonus 2 Valued at $150.00 - The FTP Agent
The Quikscribe FTP Agent is a fast and seamless way for moving IAF (Intelligent Audio Files) from one location to another over the Internet (rather than using the built-in e-mail facility in the Quikscribe Recorder).

The Quikscribe FTP Agent runs in the system tray and automatically scans a predefined in-box every minute (default interval) searching for any IAF files.

If it finds an IAF, it automatically moves the files via FTP to the remote directory.

Complimentary Bonus 3 Valued at $150.00 - The Audio Converter
The Quikscribe Audio Converter is designed to run in the system tray and automatically scans a source directory looking for any of the following audio formats

(Uncompressed WAV PCM, Compressed WAV (GSM, ADPCM, DSP and others), MP3 (including VBR/ABR), MP2, VOX (Dialogic ADPCM), RAW, WMA, G.721, G.723, G.726, Mobile Voice, Ogg Vorbis, AVI (audio), MPC.

If it finds any of the above audio formats, it converts them to an IAF (Intelligent Audio File) with the same name and moves them to a predefined Destination directory.

Complimentary Bonus 4 Valued at $150.00 - The CD Audio Ripper
In the past, converting CD audio files to IAF has been a time consuming, multi-step process.

Whereby a third party ripper was required to rip CD files to wav and then then manually import these files into Quikscribe.

However this has now changed, and it is possible to rip individual tracks and/or an entire CD.

Using the Output Tab, you can select the sample rate (8KHz, 11KHz, 22KHz) plus if require compression or no compression.

Lastly, you can control the naming prefix of the result files and the save path.

Complimentary Bonus 5 Valued at $100.00 - Business Coaching
6 Months exclusive membership to a premium business coaching Membership Site.
You will have access to over a thousand dollars worth of business building, internet marketing, motivational books, software and templates to set your profits soaring.

Our Quikscribe Iron Clad Double Guarantee Giving You complete Assurance

If anytime within 30 days of purchasing either the Quikscribe Virtual Business Pack, you are not 100% satisfied, we will buy back the system from you for full price.

PLUS if anytime within 90-days of purchasing the Virtual Business Pack you happen to find another digital dictation or transcription product that offers more advanced time saving features and functions than Quikscribe, we will not only refund 100% of your investment but we will write you out a cheque for AU$100.00 for wasting your time.


WARNING: Don't Buy another Digital Transcription Product Until you Fully Understand what Makes the Quikscribe Digital Transcription System Unique.

If you want to be one of a select group to own a Quikscribe Virtual Business System at it's current price then you absolutely can NOT afford to wait. You must act now.

Why? Because as soon as we have sold the next twenty systems the price will be increased by ten percent. I guarantee it.

You will never again be able to purchase this Virtual Business Transcription Package at this price again, once the twenty systems have been shipped.

Don't wait any longer. Order your Quikscribe Virtual Business Digital Transcription pack right now.

Start yourself on the fast track with your virtual secretary transcription business and experience the benefits as quickly as possible!

A quick recap on the technology that will be yours when you make your purchase.

The Recorder

You receive an unlimited distribution licence to distribute as many recorders with your own branding and your unique lock code. Adds tremendous value to existing and potential new customers. You can give as many copies away as you like and it will cost you nothing. It comes with all the following benefits...

  • Nondestructive audio editing methodology
  • Pre-emptive recording that eliminates clipping
  • Ability to instantly undo or redo audio edits
  • Ability to record using voice activation
  • Ability to record in Insert or Overwrite mode
  • Ability to cut & paste text into your audio
  • Ability to insert screen shots or pictures
  • Ability to attach associated files or documents
  • Ability to split audio files into smaller parts
  • Ability to encrypt using 1024 byte encryption
  • Ability to record, capture& sync Power Point
  • Ability to create Computer Based Training
  • Ability to record virtually unlimited file duration
  • Able to record and compress at the same time
  • Able to provide better "Risk Management"
  • Automatic redundancy and house keeping
  • Seamless integrates with Philips Speech Mics
  • Automatic file management
  • Remote dictation abilities with e-mail and FTP
  • Automatically captures all billable hours
  • Ability to import both .dss and .wav files
  • Seamlessly integrates with the QS Manager
  • Come with built-in interactive multimedia training
  • Eliminates ongoing cost (tapes & batteries)


    The Player

    You receive your own digital transcription player with an in built tutorial. This player is coded with your own unique identification. It comes with all the following benefits...

  • Automatic file notification when new files arrive
  • Able to transcribe .wav, .dss and .iaf audio files
  • Ability to insert Location Markers
  • Ability to paste embedded text or pictures
  • Works with any Windows based word processor
  • Files are automatically queued based on priority
  • Built-in interactive multimedia training
  • Ability to add comments to uncompleted work
  • % completed always visible in the Task-bar
  • Ability to normalise (amplify) low audio levels
  • Able to insert or extract files or documents
  • File locking - Allows 1 queue but multiple typists
  • Ability to load-share large files (if required)
  • Automatically captures total transcription time
  • Ability to slow audio down without pitch change
  • Foot-switch + Hot-keys provide full typist control
  • Seamlessly integrates with the QS Manager
  • Able to be centrally controlled and configured


Other Benefits You will Receive

  • Plus all the extra software additions valued at $650.00
  • 6 Months of access to an Executive Business Building membership site.
  • A real opportunity to make money working from home or remotely from the office.
  • Your details listed in an online registry as a preferred Quikscribe Transcription service.
  • Our Iron clad double assurance guarantee.

Order Now using one of the two options available

And remember, after the first twenty systems are sold the price will be increased by ten percent. Lock in to today's price and order your digital transcription software now.

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To Telephone Dial 1800 732 495 Quote PeakVA to receive special offer.

PS. If you still need more proof of Quikscribe being the ultimate dictation software, make sure you download and install the 30-day FREE evaluation version of the Quikscribe Recorder and the Quikscribe Player. It is probably the easiest way to see and fully understand how our products work.

Both of these products come with a built-in interactive audio teaching tutorials, which means you do not need to read anything to get started. Plus they are both full working versions for 30-days.

Please note: Your Virtual Secretary Business Transcription System will be exactly the same as this with the additional personalised branding and the necessary coding to stop anybody else from being able to transcribe audio files from your distributed Quikscribe recorder.

Digital Dictation - Download Your Trial Evaluation Copy Here

System Requirements
Pentium 200 MHz (or greater) 20 Meg of free disk space
32 Meg Ram (Minimum) CD-ROM
Sound Card (Preferably Sound Blaster) Modem (Optional)
Windows 95, 98, ME or NT4.0, Win 2000 and XP Internet Access (Optional)
Serial Interface (DB9 Comm Port) Network Card (Optional)

Do you know of any other virtual secretaries that work from home or that would like to work from home? Tell them about this transcription software. Simply click on the button below.

Quikscribe is 100% compatible with following applications

Microsoft Offixe XP Microsoft Office 2000 Word Perfect Office 2000

and endorsed and used by


Peak Performance Technology
PO. Box 1273, Coffs Harbour
NSW, 2450, Australia
Telephone 612 6651 8377


Copyright (C) Peak Performance Technology 2004 Digital Dictation System